24 Hours in Cozumel

I visited Mexico several years ago but got more of the ‘resort in paradise trip’ and not the ‘live like the locals do experience’. For me, experiencing countries through the eyes of those that live there and not those that vacation there is the best part of a trip. This trip was exactly what I wanted. Cozumel is the island of Mexico right off the Gulf, although it is very touristy, you get to drive and walk down the streets with those that are commuting to work and/ or starting there day in their Pueblo (Town) like they do every morning.



I started my journey renting a jeep (to fit in with the natives of the island) then drove to the Mayan Ruins. The Ruins were beautiful, a short 20 minute drive from the port of Cozumel. We got a full history lesson just as I was hoping for to indulge in the Mexican culture as much as possible. History may not be your thing but you can find out things you never knew. Like the fact that Cinco De Mayo is not celebrated by Mexicans anywhere in Mexico the way it is celebrated in the US. It’s actually a holiday to commemorate the battle of Puebla. And if you’re from the states, I’m sure that last fact will not affect your typical Cinco De Mayo celebrations at all so cheers my friend.





Best place to be on vacation is a beach club and I found thee perfect one! Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club to be exact. This club was large and had anything you can dream a resort in paradise would have; swim up bar, multiple pools, large swings over looking the pool, a restaurant, bar, spa, and my favorite favorite favorite part- THE ISLANDER FISH SPA.



I never imagined that I would be able to experience this fishy pedicure in Mexico because the Garr fish can only be found in certain countries of the middle east. My visit was great,  it is an experience I recommend everyone to experience! The process is odd to those who aren’t familiar with this form of foot therapy but if you get the opportunity take it! You’ll only get it in a few places around the world.  Plus these little suckers are amazing, pun intended.




After exploring the beach club, it was time to head to the sand and burn off the delicious authentic tacos that I had just devoured. What exercise is better than Paddle Boarding to burn off these calories?! Not going to lie, I barely made it through the hour that I rented the paddle board for but hey I felt the burn and the serenity that overcomes you when you are out in the ocean water floating on your board with nothing or no one in site is absolutely amazing.




Walking through the city center in the evening and shopping is a great way to interact with locals and other travelers, experience life on the Island and feel a little more confident that you conquered Cozumel in 24 hours.




There are and always will be negative stories in the news about particular countries. Mine, yours, all countries around the world have violence and can be dangerous in certain cities but that should never be the reason you don’t visit or explore a certain country for the first time. Mexico is beautiful in every way, do yourself a favor and go see it!

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