Your Mini Guide to: Reykjavik, Iceland

This beautiful unique Island has been on my mind for some time. After finally deciding to travel to Reykjavik, I had no idea what was in store for me. This trip was booked through a tour company but the majority of the time I was exploring on my own. Icelanders very much so believe in all things magical such as elves , but when you live somewhere so magical there’s no question why.




The People

Icelanders are very humble, kind people. Iceland is such a calm and safe place to live, it is no wonder it’s citizens all share these characteristics. It is so calm in Reykjavik that hitch hiking is very common and not frowned upon. A country where there is no crime and your means of transportation can be hitch hiking whenever you need it to be, don’t be fooled if this easily becomes one of your favorite cities to visit

Language: Icelandic, Some English

Currency: Icelandic Krona

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

On my way to Iceland I was under the impression I would need lots of money to exchange in order to have plenty of Kronas while I was there. Iceland accepts all credit cards and debit cards and they do not need to have the micro chip as many other European countries and now recently the U.S. require for use of major cards. I found this to be so convenient for me so if you’re traveling with plastic, no need to carry lots of money with you! You’ve got all you need.


The Food

With seafood being Iceland’s #1 source of food, it is no wonder that their seafood dishes are the most popular and famous on the island. The Sea Baron or Saegreifinn is a popular little restaurant near the pier that serves a lobster soup like no other. Along with many other pizza, thai restaurants and steak houses, Reykjavik has something for everyone.


What To Do

Reykjavik has great shopping all along their Laugarvegur street downtown. Here you can find a variety of boutiques and stores, many of which carry wool clothing and accessories galore but other clothing and souvenirs as well. This street holds other entertainment in the city as well, such as bars and theaters.




Blue Lagoon was the one destination I could not leave without seeing. This natural hot spring has attracted the highest traffic of tourists in Iceland and there’s no wonder why. During our visit, the snow was coming down hard but you will be left in awe once you step foot into the lagoon and feel the heat as if you were swimming in a giant jacuzzi. All the while it is still snowing outside but you are swimming in a bikini, it is an experience like no other. The natural silica in the water will give you a free facial as well, rubbing it into your skin and allowing it 10 mins will give you exfoliation like no other.




The Golden circle tour is highly recommended so I decided to check it out and did enjoy it very much. You are taken to see the natural geyser, the power plant which generates power for the entire island, the blue lagoon, the Gulfoss waterfall and the north american tectonic plates. If you are looking to get the most out of your days in Iceland, this tour is definitely the way to go.




Northern Lights

Sadly, very very sadly, I did not get to see the lights. I have to say this was one of the main reasons that I wanted to adventure to Iceland but the weather did not allow us to enjoy this amazing sight. I was wrong to believe the best part of the trip was going to be the Aurora Borealis sighting because Iceland has so much more to offer travelers.   If you are looking to see the lights, give yourself at least a week in Iceland during winter time of course because the weather is a bit insane but if you do not see them one night, you can certainly see them the next.


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