Cruising the Caribbean

The Caribbean: a large group of islands far more unique and amazing than many minds can grasp. There are over 700 of them to be a little more exact; each one more unique than the last in so many ways yet tied together by the same ferocity and warmth that is Caribbean culture. This isn’t a history lesson but you’ll notice I started my adventures here and that’s where many of my posts have found their origin.




With my ultimate goal being to travel the entire world, I started here because I am completely infatuated with the nature of the tropics, islands, and the amazing characteristics of the Caribbean. Like I say, “You can take the girl out of the Caribbean, but you can’t take the Caribbean out of the girl”.


When I’m talking vacation, I need to make sure I’m also saving wherever I can otherwise the next vacation isn’t coming around for a while. Cruises are your way to island hop if you want to explore the Caribbean. Leave behind the negative opinions you’ve heard about cruises, there simply is no cheaper way to master this region of the world. This immense cluster of islands is amazing, but after a while you find you can do most of the same excursions in all these places and every island will begin to look like your destination in the Caribbean.




Companies I’ve cruised with:

I love everything about being on a ship and the fact that you get to see 3 maybe 4 different destinations at once is the perfect way to hop around El Caribe! I have been on Carnival cruises to Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Jamaica. All of which were all inclusive of food and include amenities that you wouldn’t imagine being available on a ship such as; spas, pools, water slides, gourmet restaurants, bars, I don’t really think I need to go on. The fact that you’re already in paradise in between every stop of your vacation to paradise is worth so much more than what you’ll spend. The key to traveling farther, is traveling smarter.




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