24 hours in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

O-m-g,  I love Jamaica. Of all the islands I have visited in the Caribbean, Jamaica is one of the most beautiful. It could very well bethat I just have grown to love the music and culture of this island, but I have every reason to. The island is green everywhere you look, the scenery is indescribable. There is a huge sense of peace and serenity as you take in your surroundings. As cliche as it sounds, “don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright ” really sums up the way your soul will feel making your way around Jamaica.


Now my time was limited on the island but I did get to do something that has easily become an obsession of mine, I climbed  a waterfall. Some people are like, so what?  The people who say that are not thrill seekers. I absolutely love everything about water, the ocean, swimming, nature, outdoors, marine life, etc. This was absolutely the most amazing activity. Not to mentionthe very small workout you get while doing it! If you’re headed to Ocho Rios, Jamaica you have to visit Dunn River Falls, you will have a blast. Unless that’s not your thing?


There’s something about the fresh crisp water racing down a waterfall crashing into your skin while you try to contain what you’re witnessing all at once that amazes me! I love it, I love it, I love it!!!


With all the climbing and exercise that we weren’t expecting to do, we went for the least healthy meal but I wasn’t even mad. We walked through yet another path with stands that sell souvenirs and found a little food stand where I enjoyed jamaican beef patties and an ice cold Red Stripe. What a cliche meal, yes I know but I don’t care lol it was awesome.  Our tour guide during our time in Jamaica was the best guide we could ever ask for. A kind soul just like many other on this Island that was the epitome of a humble and selfless being. We really left our activities in his hands and I couldn’t say that I would have done anything different during my time there. I wish to see this man again one day, so i can tell him just how special he made my first  experience on this unparalleled island! If you’re short on time and want to get some great excursions in and also sight see, I highly recommend finding a tour guide. Near the port of Ocho Rios there are plenty of them and as long as you tip them appropriately, they will  show you the best areas for scenic views that only the natives of the island know. Jamaica, I will be back to see some more of the beauty you offer the world!


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