If there is one thing thing I admire about cities, it’s lots and lots of creativity. This island just so happens to have that and more. I love the street art, food, colors and history you find on this unparalleled  island. The heavy influence the Dutch have on this island seeps through the bold colors and beautiful buildings that can be found just about anywhere you look.



There’s nothing better than arriving at your destination with absolutely no plans. Curacao is the perfect place to roam and explore freely, with lots of appealing scenery for the naked eye and plenty of good shopping! You may want to take one half empty suitcase, just in case. The locals are not just your usual Caribbean islanders, you’ll find citizens of African descent, Asian, Latin American, Dutch and even French. They are just as exotic and unique as the land they inhabit. Although there are so many different ethnicities found here, everyone speaks good english so you’ll have no problem bargaining for a new handbag or striking up a conversation with some  Curacaoans.


The food found here is called Krioyo, which can be translated to “Creole”. It is smothered in bold flavors and can be compared to Latin American cuisine. Of course you have to get some good seafood when you’re visiting because if there is one culture that does seafood right, it is the Latin culture. I endulged in some ceviche and it might have been the best I have ever had.


Don’t forget to burn off some of those calories and explore the streets or Willemstad at least once in your trip. No tour bus or guide, just walk and discover the hidden treasures of the Island’s capital.


(More cities should have walls like these)


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