Penang is a state of Malaysia and the first stop on my tour of the country. Penang is also an island with George town being its main city.  This city is awesome in so many ways that I never expected. There are loads of street art all around the city and some are so captivating, unlike any street art I have ever seen before. George town is filled with street food and unique stores. The best thing to do in this city is have no plans and explore!




The People

Most of the people in this city are locals but there are many tourists as well. The natives are very helpful and kind, with British English being one of the main languages in the state and studied in school, there is not much difficulty navigating around the beautiful Island.


The food

The food in Penang may just be the jewel of the culture in this creative gem of a city. There are endless types of food to be tasted in the streets and small areas of the city such as little India and Chinatown. Street food is a must in Penang, there is too much to be tasted so small bites from various food stands is the way to go!


The Art

If you didn’t already know from my previous posts on other creative cities, this is one of my favorite characteristics when exploring somewhere new. The street art here is on a whole other level of creativity. There aren’t just funky murals and painted walls, there are actually cartoon art made of iron that cleverly tell jokes, 3D pieces like the children on the bike pictured below. I did not expect to find all these cool pieces when exploring Penang but it was definitely my favorite part of the visit.





Sight Seeing

Fort Cornwallis is one of the many sights to see for those that are history buffs. It is the largest standing fort in the entire country of Malaysia built in the 1700s. Old canons can be found around the fort for decoration and make for some pretty cool pictures.



If history isn’t quite your thing, there is another structure that is historic but a bit more appealing to the wandering soul. The Chew Jetty pier is filled with small stores, several small food stands and some nice views. This was my second favorite stop in the city of Penang.



The citizens in Malaysia are predominantly Muslim. There are also Christians and Buddhists. The largest Buddhists temple in all of Malaysia can be found in Penang as is called the Kek Lok Si temple. This temple sits on top of a hill and is the most beautiful of all the temples I had the honor of visiting in Asia. Inside of the complex you can find temples, food, drinks, gardens and a pagoda. The Goddess of Mercy is the main statue on top of the hill that centers the entire complex. This is a must during your visit to Penang!








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