Koh Samui

Koh Koh Koh Samui! This island is one of the most popular of the Thai islands and it is very clear why. There are many things to do on the Island and with a centrally located hotel there really isn’t a need for a form of transportation besides your own 2 feet. The majority of my time spent on the island, I walked to and from wherever I needed to go. If you’re looking to do excursions, almost all of the companies you book with will offer a shuttle service to take you to your destination!



What To Do

I decided to spend my time on the Island both relaxing and adventuring equally. The first excursion I decided to do was the Elephant Trek at the Namuang Safari Park. The elephant ride was a first for me and although it was beautiful to be able to share the moment with this beautiful animal, I am not sure I would do it again. The elephants are not mistreated in any way, it is just my personal choice. It is very enjoyable during the ride and cost about 30 USD per person!





The Park also has waterfalls that you can climb to after your Elephant ride that make for a great and relaxing end to your day at the park. The waterfalls are almost hidden and if you are willing to climb close enough, you can get some pretty amazing shots.






Arkbar beach resort on Chaweng Beach is an absolute blast! I went around the time the full moon party was going on in Koh Phangan so Ark Bar had a party of their own. There was a DJ, neon lights being passed out, fire throwers and dancers. Not to mention this club/resort is located right on the beach! For a great beach party/night out you have to visit Ark Bar at least once during your stay. I enjoyed it so much, I returned the next day for lunch and to soak up the sun and the view was even better in the daylight! By the way, there is no entry fee so go crazy at this awesome beach resort.






Where to Stay

My hotel was located in a great part of the Island where there were many stores, bars, and restaurants nearby. It’s called the Avenue hotel. Along with the great location, there was an infinity pool! Can you ever go wrong with an infinity pool? Don’t answer that. Many things could possibly go wrong but that isn’t the point.  I loved the very modern design of the rooms in the hotel which featured all glass bathrooms that you can see through into the rooms, perfection. There was complimentary breakfast which is just the icing on the cake at this gorgeous hotel.





There is so much shopping to be done in Koh Samui! As I said before, there is always room for bargaining so never go for the first price that is thrown at you. I usually buy tacky souvenirs for myself and family but I treated myself to a couple beach cover ups that were about $10 USD a piece! I get compliments on them all the time. Take advantage of the great pricing in Thailand but beware of the knock-offs! You will find bootleg versions of brands that you can’t even find in the states. Beware.


There are tons of familiar restaurants to those from the states and all other continents besides Asia such as; Subway and McDonald’s but don’t do it! You’re in Thailand, somewhere you may not ever get to travel to again or at least for years to come so eat as the locals do! The street food appears very risky but it is cheap and delicious! If you’r traveling on a budget, street meals are the way to go.





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