Koh Phangan

The islands of Thailand are the most magical places I have ever explored. They are more beautiful than the movies make them seem, even though that is hard to believe. My journey to Koh Phangan was quite exciting, it began with taking a sleeper train from Bangkok to Surat Thani. Yes I slept on a train and it was such a great experience, it gave me that sense of being a true wanderer, something only adventures like this one can give you. From Surat Thani (Southern Thailand) you can take the ferry to the Koh Islands. Next stop, Koh Phangan!



The ferry ride to Koh Phangan took about 1 hour and was not expensive at all! If you plan on hopping around the Thai Islands the ferry is the quickest and most inexpensive way to do so. When on the Island many visitors rent scooters and/or motor bikes to get around town on. These can be pricey depending on the length of time of the rental but something I loved about Thailand is there is always room for bargaining!



The Haad Khuad resort was where I laid my head down during my glorious days on this island. The resort embodies everything I wanted from my time on the Island. The secluded beach, nearby mountain for trekking, fresh food and breakfast from chickens raised on the resort, it was a great experience. Many of the days I spent on the beach, there were only about 10 or so other people there at the same time! I highly recommend this resort, although the journey there was off the beaten path and a bit of a rocky ride, it was well worth it.







There are endless excursions that can be booked both through the resort you are staying at on the Island and through various companies that partner with the resorts and hotels. My experience was so humbling, I didn’t feel the need to do any of these, besides my hikes to up the nearby mountain for the greatest view of the island, I laid low and made sure to capture every beautiful view and moment on the island that I could.



From Koh Phangan you can easily hop on a ferry and the discover the next Island! That is precisely what I did. This island is however the most tranquil and secluded out of the other Thai Islands in my opinion, it is the perfect vacation destination.



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