Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands can be found on the northwestern tip of Malaysia. All my readers who suffer from motion sickness beware the trip all the way up to get to the highlands are extremely intense with very windy roads and sharp turns. Besides the bumpy ride, the highlands are truly extraordinary. They are known for their endless strawberry fields and tea plantations. Trekking through these plantations is an unparalleled experience.


What To Do

There are many great activities and tours offered in the highlands, mostly all of them are outdoor activities. The tour I chose took us on a hike to see Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. This was one of the coolest things I have seen on my travels thus far. After the trek, we went on to explore the tea plantations then waterfall climbing. But most delicious, I mean most exciting of all was the visit to the strawberry fields! This is something I never experienced before, it is no wonder there are large strawberries all around the highlands decorating the town and sold as souvenirs. Strawberries can be picked and purchased, eaten or thrown on top of some mouth watering homemade strawberry ice cream. If you’re a strawberry lover, like I am, you will love this side of the highlands.






A lot of the food found includes Indian and Chinese fare. The nearby restaurant I selected served some of the best curry chicken I have had in my life but there’s no doubt that several restaurants in the area have dishes that compare. Don’t forget to throw some strawberries in your meal at some point; they’re the freshest you’ll ever have!




My stay at the Hillview Inn was peaceful. There was no noise as this motel can be found on the top of a small hill, somewhat far from the noise of the busy areas of the highlands. If you’re looking for luxury, this is not the place for you. The inn was similar to a bed and breakfast although much larger where breakfast is available for a small charge but is cooked to order and absolutely delicious.



Although it can be very hot during the day, there is a consistent breeze because of the location of the highlands. At night, the temperature can drop greatly and during rainy season can get very cold. Be sure to pack accordingly for both weather and trekking long pants are needed to avoid mosquito bites. During my trek up to see the world’s largest bloom, I experienced one of my travel buddies getting bitten by a leech. Yikes! This is another reason for long pants and socks especially if you’re one for the more outdoorsy activities.



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