My oh my, Bangkok is jam packed with culture. From the endless temples, unlimited street food, shopping markets, and spirit houses, you will never stop learning of the Beautiful Thai culture while you’re in its capital. Upon my arrival, it was difficult to adapt to the culture in  Thailand but I assure you leave everything you love about your culture in the back of your mind because getting the full Thai experience here means getting very very far away from your comfort zone.



The citizens of Bangkok are some of the hardest working people I have ever come across. They are out in the busy streets day in and day out, you can find a stand selling almost anything along the streets of this city. Many people do not speak english but they do know how to bargain, do not be afraid of this because you can get anything you have your eyes on for a cheaper price, believe me. At one point during a walk to Chinatown, I was a bit lost and a man came up to me, struggling to speak English and asked if I needed help finding my way. I can’t remember the last time I was in a foreign country and was offered help from a stranger that I didn’t ask for, it was very humbling as are the people in this Country.



Okay I know it doesn’t seem sanitary when you are buying food off a grill that is on the sidewalk but I assure you the meats are cooked well and if you want to truly experience the culture, you have to try the street food at least once, or twice. You can find all types of flavorful chicken, pad thai, beef and pork on these street stands and it is very cheap to eat this while on your trip.  Each meal is cooked fresh and less than 3 USD!





Because there are so many temples, you are going to want to visit at least a few. They are very peaceful and serene and offer you insight on another religion. Be sure to wear appropriate clothes, shoulders and legs (up to the knee) must be covered. This is tricky because of the high temps in Bangkok but it is worth it to see these delicately crafted works of art.




Floating markets are a big attraction for tourists in Bangkok and I now know why. These markets are probably the coolest things you’ll see while you’re in this city. Loads of boats filled with vendors selling everything from fruits to handmade hats. Make sure you stop at one of these before you go, you won’t find this anywhere else.




I stayed at the Bangkok Centre Hotel which was great. The staff was very pleasant and the hotel has a nice city view, good location and a great, clean pool. That works for me. Chinatown and the nearest malls are all walking distance from this hotel, all other major attractions are just a short tuk tuk ride away.





I’m sure that last sentence had you like, what in the world is a tuk tuk? They are without a doubt the coolest and most fun way to get around Bangkok. These motorized scooters with room for 3 passengers in the back are used by everyone, locals and tourists. Don’t forget about bargaining because you are going to want to make a deal with the driver before getting in one of these bad boys.




Now I’m not one for partying much anymore but when you’re in Bangkok, well you just have to see what the hype is about. Khao San Road is the best spot to spend your night  if you’re looking to have ALOT of fun. This street is packed with bars, tourists, backpackers, small store and will definitely give you the full experience of partying in Bangkok. Don’t mind the neon paint on my face, things got serious.


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