In the world of travel, packing lightly is one of the hardest but most efficient things you can do on a trip. It’s tough to find the perfect piece of luggage to be your go-to when you travel often and even tougher to fit all the necessities in one bag. With all the unexpected that can happen on a trip, having the bulk of your belongings with you in a convenient sized luggage can make all the difference if things don’t go as planned.

Lucky for me, I found the carry on that I want to travel with forever!

Andiamo has a new line of luxury luggage that can hold all my belongings perfectly. I wish I were exaggerating when I say; this piece of luggage is PERFECT!

There are multiple pockets and zippers inside of the bag, along with a special compartment that is coated with a RFID layer to protect against identity theft.

The wheels move in a 360 degree rotation, the frame is aluminum, zipperless with attached combination locks and designed in a way to hide scratches on the surface (even though it’s tough to scratch this baby). Inside you’ll find a compression pad to keep everything in place.

But wait! There’s more! My Andiamo comes with a USB to charge my phone!

You can’t possibly find a more convenient piece of luggage to take everywhere with you, I went with the royal sapphire because the color is so vibrant and beautiful but it was a hard choice because the red ruby and black onyx were equally elegant and beautiful color choices.

My Andiamo is a 20 inch carry on so there leaves no room for issues with sizing on certain airlines. All in all, I’m so happy I have my Andiamo now for all my future adventures!

You can find more details about this beauty on Andiamo’s website by clicking the link below: