These days a lot of the pictures we take doing something that may seem ridiculous to those around you are “for the gram”, instagram has become the biggest social media platform for businesses, bloggers, everyone. Restaurants have even begun creating beautifully decorated, intense desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth and add to your aesthetically pleasing instagram profile. I’ve treated myself to dessert around the city to find the most instagrammable desserts in Chicago! Here they are:

BODEGA– Gourmet Churros! I HAVE DIED and gone to Churro heaven. Bodega can be found right next to Barrio in River North Chicago and offers the most delicious hot chocolates that come with a bit of inspiration on top! That’s exactly what I want from a hot chocolate. The churros are topped with fruity pebbles, Oreos and flavors like red velvet and Nutella. Great spot to stop for dessert or a quick bite, they have tacos too! This is an awesome addition to River North.

BOMBOBAR– Holy Hot Chocolate! This might be my new favorite spot to get something sweet in the West Loop. Bombobar has some impressive hot chocolates topped with confetti sprinkles, s’mores or peppermint. They have bomboloni (Italian hole-less doughnuts) made fresh and if you want to go before hot chocolate season, they have gelato made from scratch. Matcha crisp and caramel coconut fudge are just a few of the flavors of gelato waiting for you to try!

FIRECAKES– Donut Goals! Sure there are plenty of amazing unique donut shops in Chicago, Firecakes might be ahead of the game, no actually they are. These small batch artisan donuts are some of the best I’ve ever tasted! With flavors like Tahitian vanilla iced, pistachio old-fashioned and wild flower honey glazed, you can’t go wrong. Firecakes has a great coffee menu to complement your donuts or ice cream to kick up your taste buds a notch!

PUBLIC HOUSE– Cake shake! Oh my shake! I HAVE NEVER had such a beautiful and delicious cake shake in my life and I wish I was exaggerating that statement slightly but it’s the truth! This shake was a limited time Chicago Cubs (Go Cubs, Go!) shake filled with peanut butter ice cream, caramel and sweet savory goodness. Every so often, Public house switches up their shakes and keeps a few of the classic flavors. Do not miss this when you’re in downtown Chicago!

XO MARSHMALLOW– Gourmet Marshmallows! If you ever imagined marshmallow heaven, XO is a small glimpse of that. A bit further from downtown, you can find it nestled near north lake shore drive on Sheridan road. These aren’t your everyday marshmallows, they’re booze inspired, yes booze, bourbon and champagne are just a few of these fun flavors. There are also non-boozy marshmallows like cookies and cream and avocado toast! I know, amazing.

GODDESS AND THE BAKER –Cake, cake, cake, cake! This is one of the best bakeries in Chicago, hands down! Everything from scones to gourmet cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, anything you can imagine that will satisfy your sweet tooth! However, one thing initially drew me to Goddess and the Baker and it has been a love affair ever since, rainbow cake. I mean this is what unicorn dreams are made of. Not only is it the most aesthetically pleasing cake, it is absolutely delicious! This might be at the top of the instagrammable desserts list.

25 DEGREES– Boozy shake! If you’re looking for something sweet but also a nightcap or a mid day pick me up or just want an awesome treat, look no further! 25 degrees has boozy shakes and they are the bomb! Salted Caramel with whiskey or peanut butter and jelly with a mixture of several liquors are just a few of the flavors they offer and if the shake hits you too hard, grab one of their gourmet mouth watering burgers!

PARLOR– Ice cream taco! Yes, ICE CREAM TACO. Tacolato is the actual name and it might sound crazy but is also quite genius. The taco shell is made up of a waffle cone and you can ultimately customize your taco or choose one of their made up options, I went with unicorn dreams and made a few modifications, holy cow. I never knew I would enjoy any other type of taco besides chicken or steak but this changes the taco game. Cookie monster and Gimme S’more are a couple of other flavors on the menu, this is one dessert you have to try!