BALI: the island of the Gods! Beautiful, green, lush, humbling Bali. This island lives up to its reputation as one of the most popular destinations for travelers and then some. I’ve put together a short list of things to do, see and eat on the island in several different regions. There are so many activities to do on the island. It all depends of course on your travel style. The adventurers will get a kick out of the endless opportunities for an adrenaline rush. The leisure travelers will soak up the perfect beaches and incredible hotel properties across the island. My travel routine has and probably always will be, “book a ticket and see what you see when you get there” I don’t like itineraries but I love putting together a list for all of you to give you an idea of some of the fun you can get into while you’re there, here it is;

Adventure- There are so many different adventures you can get into while in Bali. The majority of the fun for thrill seekers will be near the center of the island; called UBUD. This is where most of the jungles and waterfalls are located. The further you travel into the jungle, the bigger the waterfalls and so on. The waterfall we chose to explore was considered “small” but to me was absolutely perfect; Tegenungang Waterfall, it only takes a short hike to get there and there are lots of fun things to take pictures of and with while you’re there. Bali knows how to create a great photo op! This waterfall is located just over a hour away from the south of Bali and most popular tourist area; Seminyak.

Rice Terraces-These are all located furthest into the island and are such a beautiful way to experience the Balinese culture. Rice being their main export, Bali has created one of the most efficient cultivation processes for this crop in the world. Prepare to spend hours walking through and enjoying the view while learning about the process and even tasting local teas. The rice field we explored Ceking rice fields. There is a small fee to enter the fields and tips are not required but appreciated throughout the fields as you are offered different unique pictures with both the workers and using the tools that they use for the process. Depending on where you stay on the island uou may or may not be spending the majority of your day here and it will totally be worth it.

Bali swing-There are a series of adventure parks around the island that are created both for thrills and for well, awesome pictures; these parks earned the nickname “selfie parks”. Most of them can be found in UBUD. Bali swing is one of a kind because it offers you a series of swings to experience overlooking a beautiful valley and waterfall, included in a ticket for about $30 USD is unlimited use of the park including it’s swings, the boulder over looking the valley, the nest positioned high up in between 2 trees, and several other areas where you can capture one of a kind images that are both beautiful and Instagram worthy. You also get a buffet style lunch and unlimited soft drinks and/or water during your time there. The staff is extremely kind and helpful even with taking pictures. I was so happy with our experience here. Shout out to the Bali Swing team for being so awesome!

Tea tasting– If you choose to visit this park there is something fun and cultural that you can do nearby which is a tea tasting; Teba Sari Bali Agrotourism, here you can try the very famous Luwak coffee made by very very special ingredients from the animal. If you’re not looking for something quite so cultural, there are unique coffees and teas that I assure you you can’t find anywhere else including coconut coffee and mangosteen tea, two of my favorites. There is no fee for the tea tasting but surely you will want to come with some money to spend because you’ll need to stock up on souvenirs here.

Monkey Forest UBUD-This is a must see in Bali! It is an awesome way to see a bit of the Bali wildlife up close and personal while also exploring the predominant religion in Bali, Hinduism. It is located in the village of For a small fee, you can enter the park and spend as much time as you’d like admiring the monkeys or just learning more about their day to day activities and their habitat. Do enter with caution, these are all very much so wild monkeys that can and will harm you if they feel threatened at any point in time during your visit. The monkey forest is a wonderful space that you will enjoy thoroughly; as long as you’re sure to respect their home, they will respect you.

Batuan Temple-To get the most done in the shortest amount of time, we grouped together several activities in one day. There are various beautiful temples that can be visited while in Bali, the Batuan temple happened to be near our previous activity for the day so we made a stop. There is a very small fee to enter but you must get a sarong to cover your legs when entering to respect the religion. The Batuan temple is a Hindu temple located in the Batuan Village just off the main road from Denpasar to UBUD. It is not extremely large but holds lots of history, due to the village being over 1,000 years old and filled with craftsmen, artists and legends. The creativity of this village is apparent while exploring the village as the roofs of the temple are beautifully made up of the fiber from black palm and covered in traditional Balinese ornaments.

Beaches– There are several popular beaches in Bali to hang out on. If you’re looking for the most exciting area, Seminyak beach is located in the southern most area of Bali and is also where you can find the most travelers, shops, beach lounges and clubs. This area is great for a beach day and has something for everyone!

A subtle beach day will have to be spent north of Seminyak. Some of those beaches are:




These are also in the same region of Bali, all along the southwest coast of the island. Many within a short distance between each other so beach hopping is very possible within a day.

Food– There are so many unique and creative restaurants in Bali; they do a great job creating an atmosphere that travelers of all types can enjoy. The main location for all these spots is also in Seminyak. This is where the “night life” on the island can be found.

Rock Bar– The Rock Bar is popular for its prime location, situated on a small cliff, offering beautiful views of the ocean and natural melody of the waves hitting the rocks, this is a great dinner destination or just to grab a cocktail and enjoy the view. Rock Bar is part of the Ayana resort but can be accessed by both guests and non-guests; there are cable cars available to help everyone reach the location as well.

Blue 9 beach grill-This is one of the many restaurants that doubles as a beach lounge located in Seminyak. There are so many to choose from but this one in particular is colorful and has a menu with a little bit of something for everyone. Not to mention the various seating options including rainbow colored bean bags on the sand, you won’t be disappointed.

Meja Grill-This was a restaurant we stumbled across on accident but were drawn in by the design of the space; little did we know what kind of menu we were going to come across. Chef Bram, the man behind the traditional and modern twists to classic Balinese spicing does a great job creating dishes that will have your mouth watering long after your meal. The drink specials are beyond amazing and the service is even better.

Ginger Moon-I can’t say that I had the pleasure of having a complete meal here but I wanted to throw this in because of the great recommendations I heard about this place, just a short walk from most of the shopping on the main street in Seminyak, this is the perfect stop for a cocktail or a full meal, the menu doesn’t lack creativity and flavor! The small dishes are perfect for sharing and will leave your taste buds satisfied beyond belief.

Potato Head-This is part of a hotel but is also a large beautifully designed beach club offering a range of different seating and outdoor panoramic ocean view. The location of Potato Head is incredible and because of its size and atmosphere you will have to make reservations and go through security to enter the beach club. The price range is higher than most restaurants in Bali but worth it for a special night out. This venue will leave you in awe, with a delicious cocktail menu and gourmet food options, the view of the ocean and the waves hitting the edge of the club is just the icing on the cake!

Sweets-Speaking of dessert, there is one spot in particular that comes to mind. The Kedai Roti Baker in Seminyak offers a range of fun sundaes, cookie desserts, and fun ice cream sandwiches! All very delicious, inexpensive and Instagram worthy; this is a great stop after dinner if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Be sure to coordinate your plans for each day with the location of your hotel. Although BALI is a small island, you can add on several hours a day for transportation depending on where you’re staying. See my previous post, a quick guide to Bali for more details on the best areas of the island to stay in!