Before my trip down to the magical land of OZ, I could not stop raving about my soon to come adventure but I heard a lot of negative things about Sydney. “I don’t really like Sydney, Melbourne is better”, “There’s nothing special about Sydney”, or “It’s an overrated city”. All these statements lacked truth. Sydney has so much personality, it’s almost hard to say you can get enough done in 2 days but it definitely is possible. Do yourself a favor and book a hotel that is centrally located, because staying near the city will not only eliminate a lot of travel but will keep you right in the middle of everything you want to do and see.

First on my list was the Opera House! Yes I know, super touristy but come on would you ever go to New York and not see the Statue of Liberty or Paris and not see the Eiffel tower? No. You wouldn’t. The Opera House is honestly such a beautiful sight to see, you just have to admire the unique architecture and its prime location leaves you with some of the best Sydney Harbor views. If you have some hours to spare, seeing an actual performance at the Opera house will leave you speechless. I found that the best views of the Opera house are from the ferry that will take you around the harbor for just a few AUD.

Next on the list, I needed to see some wildlife. No way was I going to leave Australia without cuddling a Koala or playing with a Kangaroo. The Taronga Zoo is the perfect place to do just that! It is not located in the inner city but a 15 min Uber or cab will run you around $20 AUD and take you right to the front of this spectacular Zoo. You can see some of the most amazing animals found in Oceania here and most importantly there is a Koala and Kangaroo Sanctuary where you can get up close and personal with the fuzzy, adorable creatures. This stop truly made our experience in Australia indescribable and only took up a few hours of our time.

There is nothing more important to me than food! That came out wrong…no actually that’s exactly what I meant to say. Sydney is a huge melting pot for cultural foods with something to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. One of my favorite spots that I haven’t stopped dreaming of is Chat Thai! This narrow Thai restaurant located on the busy Campbell street had a short line out the door and was packed from wall to wall with hungry mouths so much so that there was a list outside where you write your name and wait for your number to be called. I didn’t have Thai this good even in Thailand if you’re a fan of the flavors, do yourself a favor and get your dinner here! Be mindful of this little gem’s popularity and prepare for a short wait!

Just across from the lovely Chat Thai on Campbell street: is the Capitol theater. At the time they were showing Aladdin the musical. If you have a love for the arts and the Opera is not your thing, this is a great addition to one of your nights in Sydney and located in a very fun area of the city! Tickets usually range from $35-100 AUD depending on which show is currently playing and if you’re not a theater buff have no fear, the street is filled with fun bars and lounges for plenty of entertainment throughout the night!

As for day 2 activities: there are tons of free museums in Sydney! My personal favorite would have to be the museum of contemporary art. This museum is located right by the harbor within walking distance of the circular quay and offers some great exhibits to anyone and everyone who wishes to admire the works. Sydney hosts lots of different events throughout the year because well they are blessed with some pretty amazing weather; check out to find out what’s going on during your visit!

Sydney is filled with wonders beyond your imagination. All in all, you’ll only need a few days to explore this city but don’t doubt the amazing memories that can be made here!