I must admit Melbourne was on my list but wasn’t a priority on my trip to Australia. Luckily, I found a good flight deal that allowed us to stop in Melbourne for a full day and night, so I took the opportunity and I’m so happy that I did. Melbourne is a beautiful city filled with so much to do; museums, restaurants, art, my kind of town! With just 24 hours, you aren’t ever quite sure what to do. Here’s a few pointers as to where you can explore Melbourne and what you can see during your time there:


You can’t visit Melbourne without exploring their street art. It is popular all over the city, but the main area that features the detailed murals and graffiti is Hosier Lane. This type of street style graffiti art became popular in the 80’s when New York’s street culture had a heavy influence on Melbourne. Luckily for us, the art has spread and shed a new creative colorful light on this already picturesque city.


There are so many different types of food to eat in Melbourne; it’s hard to even know where to begin! One of my routines when I’m limited on time to explore in a city is to grab different bites from several different places. One of my favorite spots to do this at in Melbourne; Swanson Street, Here you can find a plethora of different stands with some of your favorites and some things you might not have ever seen before; like a sushi sandwich.



One of the best areas to walk and enjoy beautiful views of the city is Melbourne’s river walk. The river walk is a great way to see a little bit of action in each direction of the city or just stop and have a wine tasting as you enjoy the view. For more natural beauty; explore the royal botanical gardens just on the other side of the gorgeous river walk and free for travelers and admirers alike.


This is a pretty expensive city so be sure that you find your hotel near the city or you will be paying a lot more than you expected to on taxi fares. Inner city hotels are not as expensive as you’d think and will save you more in the long run, since you won’t have to over spend on getting around the city.



Of all the Australian cities you visit, Melbourne will be one of the most expensive. Be sure to have an accurate amount of money to spend on food, drinks and activities. On average one meal without drinks can run you about $25 AUD.