1 hotel is bringing a whole new amazing aspect to the luxury hotel world. Not only do you get to indulge in all the pampering, relaxing perfection that usually coincides with a 5 star hotel stay, you get to do so in an natural eco- friendly wonderland. 1 hotel has dedicated their decadent hotels to magnifying the flawless beauty of nature and helping preserve every part of it. From reclaimed wooden furnishings to locally grown foods, this hotel chain is changing the norm and they’re doing a damn good job.


From the moment you walk in the door, inhale the natural fresh scent and catch just a glimpse of the all white aesthetically pleasing décor, you can make yourself right at home. Every staff member greets you with a smile and warmth that makes you feel like you’ve been here many times before. We arrived early for check in and as expected we were allowed to use the amenities and check in our luggage in the meantime. What we did not expect was for our room to be ready just 10 mins after arriving (3 hours early), talk about service! Everything down to the room key (wooden and recycled) makes you happy you chose to stay here.



There are several restaurants and bars within the hotel such as: Tom on Collins, Watr at the rooftop, and Beach Craft by Chef Tom Colicchio. STK neighbors the hotel, perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner. In addition to these, you can find the Lobby Farmstand at the entrance and with fresh sandwiches, juices and snacks.



The halls are decorated with a modern sophisticated décor, a heavenly spa, healthy café, incredible gym and swimsuit shop to name just a few of the perfect distractions on your way through the hotel. The best part of this property; is the flawless pool that stretches so far it almost touches the ocean. The pool is garnished with the Sandbox bar, which adds on another reason that 1 hotels can be separated from the rest. The combination of the bar’s location, the beach décor and the sand at your feet (even though it’s 25 feet away) gives you the ultimate feeling of relaxation. Now just kick back and enjoy the view.


The rooms at 1 Hotel are a mix of magical and refreshing. All white interior, modern decor, eco friendly products and reclaimed wood gives you the perfect natural element for your stay. 1 hotel realizes the footprint we are leaving and perfectly magnifies the importance of our natural elements and preserving them.


The hotel is very large in size but there is always a member of the staff right there when you need them, making it very hard to realize the amount of guests staying there at the same time. Overall, this is an excellent choice for a decadent and refreshing stay on South Beach.