The Azores are a group of Islands located almost in the middle of the Atlantic ocean that each possess their own unique natural resources. The island of Sao Miguel is nicknamed “the green island” for its endless mountainous views, waterfalls and natural wonders. Terceira island is nicknamed “the violet island” for its endless pastures and fields of exotic flowers. The same goes on for the rest of this group so whichever island you choose would be a good decision.




ONE. The major airline SATA that controls mostly all flights to and from the islands is decreasing the cost of air and hotel package deals drastically during non peak season for travelers. This is your best chance to explore this magical chain of islands for cheap. A typical package price for example leaving from Boston, Mass to Terceira Island with air and hotel can be as low as $499 USD! That is less than the airfare alone would usually cost. I know, crazy.


TWO. You get the Portuguese culture, the beautiful traditional European architecture and the unparalleled island views all in one trip. When you’re on the islands, the flowing cheese and wine, colorful detailed architecture and kind locals will make you regret buying a round trip ticket.  You can go hiking, sailing and even on a little shopping spree for less than 75 euros all in one day with time to enjoy the view.




THREE. These islands are very much so underrated as not many people have visited in comparison to the nearby major islands such as Ibiza and Mallorca. They are low key, located in the middle of the ocean and because of their place off the radar; you will save a lot of money planning your next adventure here.





Cost of living at the moment on these islands is not very high; so if the trip alone being so cheap isn’t enough, your food, merchandise, taxi rides, bar tabs are going to be cheap too. Hell yes. There really isn’t one negative thing I can say about booking a trip to the Azores Islands but do it fast, deals like this don’t stay around long and the chain of islands’ beauty won’t be concealed to the travel world for long.