ONE-We all know Italy is the official land of cheese and wine, Spain is a close second but what you don’t know is how much Portugal gives both of these countries a run for their money. With aged and spicy cheeses galore, I’m not sure how I didn’t eat and drink my way through this beautiful country sooner.


TWO– Let’s get back to the wine! I love wine, who doesn’t? You can find wine everywhere for 6 euros or less. There are more wineries here than you could imagine. Best part is public intoxication is encouraged (as one of my servers told me) so ask for a to go bottle and you shall receive!


THREE-Although you’re in the west side of Europe and other neighboring major cities can be pricey for meals and accommodations, Portugal is not. During my stay meals would average $20 euros and that of course included wine, not bad. You can find hotels for a lot less per night than you would in Barcelona or Paris.




FOUR-Pastries heaven. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to be. I have tried some of the most scrumptious baked goods here and didn’t regret one single bite. They are well known for many such as Rochedo Chocolate or Queques.


FIVE– Its location on the western coast of Europe is prime for any adventure you seek whether it’s hiking, scuba diving or renting a car and driving along the Oceanside. Portugal offers a little bit of everything for the wanderlust souls.



SIX-The locals are very mesmerizing; they are simple happy people that speak the most authentic Portugese you will ever hear. Many also speak English, which makes travelers very happy.


SEVEN-The experience you get here is worth every minute. Portugal will give you that latin America feel with a heavy European influence.


EIGHT-Did I mention how cheap goods are here? There’s nothing better than spending some time in a rather cheap country. Less money on food and accommodation = more money for souvenirs and goodies!


NINE-Portugal has other little treasures many don’t know about and they are called the Azores Islands. This group of Islands that are located near the center of the Atlantic hold unparalleled beauty and each island is known more for one major attribute. For roughly 100 euros you can take day trips to one of these islands and explore their wildlife and natural wonders.