IMG_9220Rejoice EDM lovers!!!! Festival season has finally arrived. Although I’m not the ultimate festival junkie I have been to some major festivals including Lollapalooza, Electric Daisy Carnival, the infamous Ultra in Miami and recently Coachella. Here’s a list of some tips to help you conquer your next music festival and how to go about planning your electric weekend:

Flight-Book your flight the moment you find out you’re attending the festival. If you spend just $25-50 more through whichever travel site you use for insurance you can always cancel or save the amount spent for a different flight in case plans change. Doing this will guarantee you a good price! If you’re heading to Coachella, don’t fly into Palm Springs! It’s hundreds of dollars more than flying into LA and more expensive than flying into Ontario, which is another nearby airport. You will save tons by landing in LA, renting a car and driving to Palm Springs. Travel smart! Flying into Fort Lauderdale airport is best if you’re headed to Ultra, it will save you money and isn’t that much farther from Miami Beach.


Accommodations –Some find camping at Coachella much more exciting, I personally need a shower and some type of bed even if it’s a crappy one. Since I went to Coachella with a group we rented a house through and it came out to the same amount we would have spent on a hotel room for each pair in our group except we have 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool, backyard, you get the hint. We’re basically winning…getting a group of friends together and renting a larger property is so much cheaper than individual hotel rooms!


As far as festivals in Chicago and Miami goes, you can save so much money by staying at a hotel OUTSIDE of the city. Yes staying in the heart of the city is awesome if you have thousands to blow on one weekend but hotels are aware of the major events going on and will jack up the prices for those weekends. For example, you can stay in a cool area like Wicker Park in Chicago for a lot less and UBER or catch public transportation to the fest that will take you less than 15 minutes. As far as Miami goes, staying in Fort Lauderdale is a cheaper option and only 20 minutes away from downtown Miami.


Tickets –Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your passes! Getting early bird passes at face value will save you a lot and if you don’t end up attending the festival you can sell your passes and get your money back easily or even make a little money selling them for more.


Gear –I see too many miserable girls at festivals; guys don’t have this problem because they’re always concerned about comfort over fashion and you ladies should be too. If you’re spending 8+ hours a day at a festival for 3 days straight, for the love of God wear comfy clothes AND shoes. You can still be cute and comfy. You will come out of whichever festival dirty, sweaty and looking like a hot mess so why mess up nice clothes, be smart.

GET A CAMEL BAK! –You NEED water during a festival. Most of them occur during the summer where it’s hot as hell even in Chicago so do your self a favor and hydrate. Of course they sell water at these fests but they are over priced and leaving the entire crowd to go get water and attempting to get back to the spot your friends are doesn’t always work out.


Accessories –Don’t bring in your nice cameras and/or phones and cameras on selfie sticks. I literally had someone grab my GoPro that was on a stick in the air while it was in my hand and try to pull it down as I was walking through a crowd. Be careful with these pathetic people always looking for a way to make a quick buck, they are all over these festivals. If you’re bringing in a book bag make sure it can be sealed tight or zippered all the way! I wear messenger bags often as long as they’re small and secure. Coachella tends to switch up the rules on what is and isn’t allowed in the festival each day so be sure pack items you can definitely bring inside, the walk to the car and back can eat up 30+ mins of raving time. That’s like 2 days real time!


MOST IMPORTANTLY; HAVE A F&*KIN BLAST!!!!!- At first festivals can be overwhelming, the mass crowds of people, the heat, the long hours walking stage to stage, etc. Just remember this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you may not come across next year or any other year. Get the most out of your weekend and know that so many others would kill to go to the same city and festival you’re headed to so live it up!!!