Nicknamed the Golden city, Prague is a breathtaking city with unparalleled architecture both vintage and modern. For me, It was like the Paris of Eastern Europe. Filled with beautiful views of the Danube river over antique stone bridges and tasty Czech eats, there is no reason you shouldn’t make Prague a priority on your bucket list!


Czech Republic won my heart for their ability to keep their city true to its roots with streets overflowing in distinct culture but also adapt to modern culture with street art and non-traditional architecture that has come to be very well known by travelers worldwide.



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Currency Euros are accepted all over but the currency in Prague is the Czech Crown or “Koruna” not to be confused with “Krona” if you have been traveling through other countries in Europe.


Food– The old town square is let’s say home base. When you begin your exploring through Praha, start here. It’s located right in the middle of many shops, restaurants, bars, etc. But best of all is all the food offered from small stands and carts surrounding the square. Some of the best eats I found in this city was here and not to mention very cheap.


Site seeing– Old Town square also holds many sights to see along with their shops and endless eats. My favorite is the astronomical clock. It is the 3rd oldest astronomical clock in the world and a sight to see. In the medieval times this clock was considered one of the wonders of the world, get your camera ready when you come across this beauty.

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A bike tour is a great way to see the city and burn off a lot of those carbs you found in Old town Square. I went with Praha Bike Tours & Rentals. The tour guides all know several languages including English, they are witty and entertaining and keep you enticed throughout the tour.





Art– There are several areas in Prague with art unlike anything you have seen before. You’ ll find several odd sculptures by artist David Cerny such as the infamous men peeing into a fountain or the enlarged babies climbing up a T.V. tower. His art is said to both amuse and offend the public but each represents a powerful message that needs to be read with a very open mind.




My personal favorite work of art in this wonderous city is the John Lennon wall. A tribute to the artist and co-founder of the Beatles, fans worldwide began filling it up with beautiful quotes and colors in the 80’s and since it has transformed into an enormous mural that continues to grow with each unique addition made by travelers daily.


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River Cruise– I highly recommend a river cruise in Praha, they are roughly around 30 euro and include dinner and drinks but most importantly, unparalleled views of the Danube River. Throughout the cruise you will get to see the city in a more exclusive way and who wouldn’t want to sip a cocktail while being on a boat In the middle of Prague during the sunset? Exactly.



Nightlife– You guessed it, Old town Square. Here is where you’ll find several bars and lounges that have a completely different ambiance during the night but still a great area to experience the Prague nightlife. Beware, Czechs know how to knock ‘em down, make sure you can keep up!