Oh the treasures Central America holds! Belize is by far the most exclusive country in Central America due to its size and cozy corner location in the Caribbean Sea. I didn’t know what to expect visiting this country but received a better vacation than I could ever ask for.

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DO NOT fly directly into any of the Belizean Islands if you plan to Island hop during your stay which btw you most definitely have to do. Tickets are extremely expensive of course because the islands are so small and therefore there aren’t many fights coming in and out. Instead, fly into Belize City where you can then take a taxi for around $20 USD to the port and then hop on a water taxi for an additional $25 USD to the Island of your choice. Much better than spending an extra $600 on the flight just to land directly on the island. The water taxi trips is only about 30 mins to either San Pedro or Caye Caulker.



Although the Belizean dollar is used, almost every place you go in Belize will accept USD! Also, many businesses and stores gladly accept all major cards making your stay that much more convenient.

$1 USD = $2 Belizean Dollar



Eat local! You will not regret it. Not only will you spend less than $20 USD on each meal and we are talking about FULL meals, but you will also get to experience Belizean cuisine the way the locals themselves do. There are so many amazing flavors in this paradisal country. One of the mains things served is of course seafood but with their own Caribbean twist; a lot of which amazingly have coconut in them (coconut rice, coconut shrimp, coconut conch, the coco wonders go on and on)

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Belizeans speak their own version of Creole (similar to Jamaicans) but mostly all locals do speak English fluently so the language barrier is non-existent in this little slice of paradise.



Now life is much much different for Belizeans than for the rest of us. They live a very laid back lifestyle. I mean who wouldn’t in their position? Surrounded by sand palm trees and music, there is no reason not to live freely. Because of their cool calm and collected demeanor, the service here at restaurants and bars even stores isn’t what we’re used to especially in the states where that is a major part of the hospitality industry. Keep in mind you’re far from home and things don’t move in a fast pace in paradise and you’ll get along just fine with the Belizeans.

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On the Islands there are a plethora of small hotels that can be rented for cheap. Many are not all inclusive resorts but just small hotels conveniently located 50 feet away from the beach. With the average price of a hotel stay ($70-120 USD/ night) and cheap food and drinks all around, you won’t mind the non-all inclusive part.