Visit the Belize Barrier Reef It won’t be anything like the Reef down under but it is the second biggest in the world and offers some breathtaking sights of coral and wildlife in the some of the bluest and most beautiful waters. I stayed on the small island of Caye Caulker where I booked a snorkeling tour through Carlos Tours. Most snorkeling tours will take you to the reef, which lies directly in between San Pedro and Caye Caulker. There you will get to see some of the most beautifully colored fish, stingrays, swim right next to some turtles. Yeah, this is a must.




Shark Ray Alley I was lucky enough to find a tour that included a stop in Shark ray alley! Now this is a place where some people can face their fears and others can get their adrenaline pumping by swimming around dozens of Nurse Sharks in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. No big deal. I absolutely loved every second of this, it’s been years since I swam with these beautiful animals in the islands of Colombia and an experience I was thrilled to have again.




Eat Something New There is plently of street food in Belize and its islands so If you’re exiting your comfort zone, this is the way to do it. One common theme I noticed in the food here is the coconut in all of their dishes! I was never one to be crazy about coconut but Belize most definitely loves their coconut. They include it in rice, shrimp, fish, etc. So I wanted to go for something I wasn’t used to and I’ll never be the same again. Most meals you get from a beach side grill or street cart will cost you less than $10 USD and will be better than any meal you have ever eaten at a 5 star restaurant.


IMG_7501 IMG_7735

Drink Organic Belizean Coffee Coffee lovers, rejoice! Freshly brewed organic Belizean will give you life during your stay here. If coffee isn’t your thing, many of these hops have baked goods that will rock your world. There is one in particular you have to pay a visit if you’re lucky enough to make it to Caye Caulker and that is; Ice and Beans. Located right on the beach and open from 6 am to 6 pm, this little shop has something for everyone. Their coffee and mini donuts are the perfect little breakfast and their protein smoothies are the holy grail after a long day of adventuring.


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Take it easy Life is easy breezy in this part of the world. I’ve had questions about my safety during our stay. There wasn’t a moment where I felt threatened or unsafe by any means. I learned as time went by that this culture is based on a laid back lifestyle, peace and love type of culture where anyone and everyone is invited to share the beauty of this country without judgment or dangers presented. Don’t be alarmed while traveling here whether you’re alone or with a friend, take the same safety measures you would traveling somewhere in your own country and enjoy life in paradise!