5. Visit A Museum That Looks Like Castle- Vienna is home to colossal museums like the Kunsthistorisches or the Naturhistorisches Museum (say those 5 times fast) that can be located in Maria Theresa Square. I was born and raised in Chicago where the museums are said to be some of the best in the country yet have never encountered museums quite like these. I spent most of my time in the Naturhistorisches Museum. Beautiful art covers every wall, almost like a Sisteen chapel of it’s own. Yes the art is that serious in there and that’s only in the hallways. Even if history isn’t your thing, you can appreciate the detail and architecture of these unreal museums.





4. Go To A Real Castle Palace- Every girl dreams of palaces, castles, and princesses growing up: then you become an adult and realize that it was all part of the fairytales. Luckily for us dreamers, they do exist and you can find some right in the heart of Vienna. The Schonbrunn Palace belonged to a Holy Roman Emperor so you can imagine how decadent its hallways are. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed inside the actual Palace unless you’re Beyonce of course, but walking up the steps in a slow dramatic fashion while dreaming away still did it for me.




3. Visit The Schnapps Museum– For like 7 Euros you can visit the Schnapps Museum, get a tour and learn exactly how the world famous Liquer originated. You also get unlimited shots of different flavored schnapps and get to roll down and out onto the street again in case you got shot happy. It’s a good time trust me.




2. Go to a Mozart Strauss Concert– Being a music lover, this was something I absolutely had to do. I went to the Wiener Residenzorchester Mozart & Strauss concert; you will find many different versions of this concert held in different venues. Some say that you won’t find good music at one of these concerts because they’re aimed at tourists but if you genuinely love theater and the performing arts in general you’ll love this.  Oh and there’s complimentary champagne.




1. Go To A Club Inside A Theme park- Yes it’s as crazy as it sounds but Vienna is home to the Prater Amusement Park where you can have some drinks, get on some rides, eat, and go out, like clubbing. It’s odd to go on rides and then straight to the club I’ll admit but it’s also one of the coolest things I experienced in my travels through Europe. There’s no entrance fee to the park but you have to buy tickets for the rides and games. This is the perfect outing for a night in Vienna with no plans.