The PLUS Berlin

I don’t always choose to stay in Hostels. It always depends on the city and country I am in. Traveling through the major cities of Germany can be costly, so for me staying in a hostel in Berlin was necessary. I’m oh so happy with my choice to stay at the PLUS Berlin and here’s why:


Customer Service

There’s nothing worse than staying at a Hostel with mediocre service. It can almost feel as If you’re being treated a certain way because of the low cost of your stay. Travelers need to save and most definitely don’t need to be treated any differently for it. The PLUS Berlin picked an A list staff, they are friendly, energetic and enjoy themselves while working. (They’re probably also travelers)



With one of the most beautifully decorated and largest rec rooms and restaurant/bar I have ever encountered in a Hostel, there’s no wonder why this one is superior to most. Their large bar and open kitchen with seating right in front allow guests to see the chefs at work and guarantees their food is cooked to order. Cheap prices for drinks to go along with the great freshly cooked German cuisine will almost make you feel like you’re in a 4 star hotel. For me, the line between the two is very fine.





The PLUS Berlin, in addition to the beautiful décor, has some of the most unique art that can be found on every floor, in every corner and throughout the halls of this large Hostel. This makes your stay that much more exciting as people usually can’t wait to leave their hotels, The PLUS Berlin makes you want to stay and hang out a while.






If you don’t mind sharing with 3 other travelers who share the same passion and interests as you, your nightly cost can be as low as 15 Euros. The rooms are large and you guessed, it decorated perfectly with just the right amount of furniture and space for a 4 share. A private stay can cost 52 Euros a night or more depending on what time of the year you are traveling during. Regardless if you seek a more or less private stay, the cost is far cheaper than a major luxury hotel and the stay is very comparable. Spend wisely my friends.