Normally, a brewery would never be on my itinerary while exploring a new city but something told me to just do it. I’m so glad that I did! The tour is extremely fun as they take you through the process of brewing  Heineken. The recent major renovations made are shown as you enter some of their newer rooms and activities on the tour. There’s not many other breweries like this one…




For the time spent, activities, and multiple beer samples spending less than 20 euro in Amsterdam for a couple of hours of fun is so worth it. The world bar is breathtaking with monitors along all walls of the rooms flashing photography from all over the world and table tops that illuminate when a beer is placed on a certain area (they even have little world map activities), I mean..coolest bar ever? Hell yes.



The tasting room is also pretty spectacular and was one of my favorite parts of this tour. I normally wouldn’t post a review on the Heineken experience and would just mention it on another Amsterdam post briefly, but I came across many people who didn’t believe the tour was worth the time or money. Thankfully, I went anyway and won’t have to regret missing out because I believed the next traveler’s negativity.  Now I can spread the word about what a great idea it is to  get tickets to the Heineken Experience during your time in Amsterdam.