1. No need to learn how to say hello, goodbye, or thank you in Dutch (Unless of course you want to) everyone in Holland speaks English! Also Holland=Netherlands, Netherlands= Holland in case you are extremely confused in a gift shop somewhere in Amsterdam while buying souvenirs, not that I was or anything..


  1. Unlike many major cities you may have seen, bikes are the main source of transportation in Amsterdam. DO NOT stand or walk in the bike lanes and be aware of the bike riders. It is a major part of life in this darling city and has to be respected. It is amazing that so many citizens commit to riding a bike to and from work and their daily activities, then again if there were breathtaking views of canals surrounded by flowers at every corner I would ride my bike everyday too.




  1. This city can be found in one of the most liberal countries I have ever visited. With that being said, take into consideration the kinds of things you will be exposed to in Amsterdam. Sex and Marijuana are enjoyed freely in the city, one reason this city is so popular amongst tourists. Although it was a bit odd to me, I watched a sex show and I have to stay it was pretty entertaining. If there’s any city you should try something new in, it’s this city.



  1. The Anne Frank house is a MAJOR tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Sadly, I didn’t get to enjoy it because of my limited time here and the enormously long line but that doesn’t mean I can’t give you all a heads up; YOU HAVE TO GET THERE EARLY, SUPER EARLY. If you have a list of things to do and see, make this your first stop!


  1. Party life is great in Amsterdam, there is so much life and fun that you can find here. Don’t get sucked into the fun so much so that you spend the following day attempting to cure your hangover. There are tourists swarming this city all year round, many of these major to-do’s can all be done within 48 hours if you spend your time right.


  1. Stay away from Dam Square or “the Dam” if you’re looking for a drink or meal. The square has a great central location and plenty of photo ops but just like any popular area in any major city, prices are higher than usual. If you travel just a few short blocks away you can find the same great Dutch food and cold brews for a lot less.


  1. Because of its beauty, size and society that is unbelievable tolerant, there are A LOT of freakin people in this city, roughly around 1 million. Don’t expect to meet a lot of Dutch natives here, Amsterdam is home to more nationalities than any other city in the world! This definitely has something to do with the “live your life, be free” belief passed on through their social norms and government. Embrace the enormous melting pot this city is, there is no other like it.