Yes this is the capital of Malaysia, so you’re probably thinking well duh why wouldn’t I go to the capital of the country. Not every capital of every country or state around the world is as unique as this one is. Kuala Lumpur has some pretty dope architecture, restaurants & street food that will knock your socks off along with probably the best shopping ever. Not to mention the tourist attractions that are not comparable to those found in other capitals. Let me just start off this list so you can better understand my praise….

  1. Batu Caves


A short 15 minute train ride or just 8 mile (13 Kilometres) journey will take you from the heart of the city to the Batu Caves, a plethora of cave temples and caves found on the top of a hill. There is not exactly a need to cover up completely as you would in most other temples but show your respect and don’t head there In surfer shorts and a tank or if you’re a girl, leave the daisy dukes at your hotel. Several hundred steps later, you witness the beauty of this caves dedicated to Lord Murugan. He’s the one they made an enormour gold statue of right in front of the caves, in case you’re like me and didn’t realize that right away. If your religious views are different which I’m sure is the case for many visitors of the caves, be sure to stop here to witness it’s natural beauty and wildlife that call the caves home, but DO NOT FEED THE MONKEYS. They are wild and they will jump and scratch and snatch whatever out of your hand. You’ve been warned.






2. Perdana Botanical Garden

Aside from being free for travelers, this garden is free and also free. Do take advantage of this beautiful garden, it gives you some beautiful sights and pictures. The wildlife and artistic pieces throughout make the 1 hour or so walk through worth it, I suggest packing some lunch and making a picnic out of it.






  1. Petronas Twin Towers

Tallest twin towers in the world! Like hello. If that fact alone isn’t impressive enough, then check it out for the amazing view of the city that you get from up above. Walking through the clear bridge from one tower to another is pretty intense and something you won’t experience very often in your travels.



  1. Berjaya Times Square

Probably the coolest mall ever. It is festively decorated and has a ton of clothing stores with prices that you can’t beat. This is the mall for shoppers like me (cheap). Unless you have Prada and Channel money, but if you’re a traveler in your 20’s that probably isn’t you.


  1. Berjaya Theme Park

This theme park is located inside the mall! How cool is that!? My inner child may or may not have been the reason I was so attracted to this park but the bright colors, games and rides also played a big part. How often do you get to visit a theme park right after shopping all in the same hour? Yeah I know, Malaysia is awesome.