It goes without saying that travel opens up your eyes to new experiences and cultures. When you make it to a land so far away that nothing is familiar, that is when you realize exactly where you came from and how blessed you truly are. Travel has taught me so much about myself and continues to shape me into a better person. Here are a few reasons why;

1. Understanding different cultures

There is nothing more thrilling than discovering a culture so different from your own. When we grow up, we hardly realize how much more of the world there is outside of our family and hometowns. I have learned to love cultures because I appreciate the colors that they paint the world. Learning other cultures in and out adds to your qualifications when entering the business world and opens up the world for you.

2. Saving Money For Travel

I have never been more clear headed about what to spend my money on. Being 24, Im at the age where all my friends want to drink themselves silly and buy clothes that are way to expensive for their income just to show them off. I love brand names just as much as the next fashionista but I don’t care for them. If it’s between $500 on a Caribbean cruise and $500 on a designer handbag, I’m going with the cruise. Someone can steal that handbag tomorrow or you can grow out of it as soon as the next season handbags come out. Nothing can ever replace your memories of a vacation and those memories will always be worth all the handbags in the world and more.

3. Valuing My Life

I never felt more blessed than I do now after having seen so many different countries and the way people live around the world. There are many countries that are economically stronger than the U.S. but there are also places like the Dominican Republic and Colombia where many areas are inhabited by poor citizens and children. Experiencing this heart break first hand pushes me to travel more in hopes that one day I can help these people more. After trips like these that touched my heart, I have never been more appreciative of everything I have. Life is precious.

4. Never Settling

There is a whole big world out there, I’m talking nearly 200 countries total. There is no need to feel like you’re tied down to 1 city and 1 country for the rest of your life. It has taken me 6 years to achieve my Bachelor’s degree and I couldn’t be happier with the way everything worked out. During these years studying, I have traveled more than I could have ever imagined and all those trips have helped me discover exactly what career path I want to follow and what it is I am truly passionate about. There is so much more exploring in my future and I don’t plan on stopping because life is a never ending lesson, I still have so much to learn.

5. Home Sweet Home

After a long journey, there is no sweeter feeling than getting home and getting into your own bed. I have grown to appreciate my hometown more and more with all the new cities I have visited. This isn’t because my city is better than the one I have visited, it’s because I learned to love where I am from when I meet people halfway across the world who think of my home as I think of theirs. There is always someone out there who wants to be where you are, love your home, love your life.