I am an island junkie. If i could stick to hopping around all the islands in the world for the rest of my travels, I would. The Caribbean is of course home to many of the islands that I adore but there are a few others that are so underrated and must be explored…


3. Iceland

My adventure to Iceland was very recent and I am still somewhat astonished that I had the chance to explore this wonderful country. Many people do not know much about Iceland besides the old “Iceland is green and Greenland is ice”. Yeah, it is. Aside from that mind blowing fact, there is so much greatness to be discovered here. During my adventure I learned of a culture that started with Vikings and believes in little people (Elves).  From the phenomenal seafood to the great nightlife, there’s no reason you should pass up the opportunity to explore this magical island. Besides, you know you want to swim in the natural hot springs of the Blue Lagoon. It is pretty wicked.



2. Koh Phangan

Koh what? This island is seriously exclusive. I got here from Bangkok after an overnight train and a ferry and it was worth every minute of hunger and exhaustion. Many travelers overlook this wonderful place and head to it’s bigger sister, Koh Samui. I have not been everywhere in the world YET but this remains the most tranquil and heavenly island I have reached thus far. My stay was at a resort on bottle beach and many of the days I felt like I was the only one there. Early morning hikes and breakfast so fresh it just came from the chickens raised at the resort. This feeling was priceless, when you truly believe you have made it to paradise. If you want to know what that feels like, head to Koh Phangan, Thailand, asap!




1. San Andres

Now here is an Island that deserves so much more praise than it’s given. Located in my motherland, Colombia, San Andres is the perfect escape for those looking to discover an Island that is not a part of the ordinary destinations many vacationers like.  San Andres offers amazing sites like El Acuario where you physically swim into the water and discover all the coral reef, fish, and sharks (Nurse sharks don’t worry) right in front of your eyes. There are several caves and national parks and you guessed it, mouth watering seafood. Not to mention the endless diving available through companies such as Blue Life Centro De Buceo or a priceless tour in a transparent kayak through EcoFiwi Tourismo Ecologico.  Live outside of our comfort zone and discover San Andres!

SanAndres1 SanAndres2sanandres3IMG_3744